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Speeding on Baden Powell Biggleswade

Following concerns from residents on speeding we approached the Builders Consortium for Kings Reach as the road is not adopted by Central Bedforshire Council.

It involved a lot of co-operation between Biggleswade Safety Group, Biggleswade Town Council, Central Bedfordshire Council and Biggleswade Community Policing Team which finally resulted in the Builders Consortium kindly funding and installing two speed signs.

They are located at each end of Baden Powell Way to remind drivers that the limit on this road is 40mph. Up until now many are driving well in excess of this, making it very dangerous road.

A careful watch will be kept in the coming weeks to encourage awareness and conformity to 40mph thereby improving safety and minimising accidents. The Biggleswade Community Safety Group will continue to perform Speedwatch in the area based data captured on the speed signs.

The picture shows the launch of the signs with Amanda Cawthorn & Peter Davies of Biggleswade Safety Group along with Inspector Nick Masters of Biggleswade Community Policing Unit.

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