Street Watch is about local residents promoting good citizenship and supporting a better neighbourhood by patrolling their own streets. We provide visible reassurance and appropriately engage in local issues that matter most to our community.

Street Watch members are vetted to the same level as a Bedfordshire Police Volunteer.  Training is provided including conflict management as our safety is paramount at all times.

Patrols require a minimum of two members at all times, the streets and areas are those that have been highlighted in the monthly Police reports. Patrols have to be reported prior to going out and again on completion plus any information of unusual activities.  These details are then monitored by Bedfordshire Police and form part of “a bigger picture” of information already known to them.  

A typical patrol is around the Market Square, Hitchin Street, Biggleswade Rail Station, Station Road and across the High Street to ASDA supermarket.  

During our patrols we give out leaflets and verbal advice, plus encourage people to attach a “purse bell” to their purse or bag.  Whilst it might not totally prevent your purse or bag being stolen it does act as an alert to you and others around you.

Street Watch often undertake group activities with Police Officers and PCSO’s such as Operation Beneke which is a community engagement event or assisting with Christmas light switch on to helping on Remembrance Day Parade.

If you would like to volunteer or find out more information please email Bedfordshire Street Watch Co-ordinator at